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Why You Should Invest in Influencer Outreach on Instagram

why you should invest in influencer outreach on instagram

If you are looking to take the next step with your content marketing on Instagram, an influencer outreach campaign is for you.  We’ve all heard about those Instagram ‘stars’ who have thousands upon thousands of highly engaged fans who they have built a trusting relationship with – so who better to partner with?!  These Instagram influencers are the perfect people to partner with to help build awareness of your business or brand as well as reach a new audience.

What is influencer outreach?

Influencer outreach is when your business or brand partners with a blogger or social media influencer to create unique content which a specific message from your business or they may review and talk about the benefits of your product/business with their fans.

Why you should invest in influencer outreach on Instagram

We all know the difficulties and low return traditional media offers and in this new digital age influencer outreach is the new PR of choice.  With over 75 million users, reaching out Instagram’s audience should be an essential part of your businesses marketing campaign. Working with an Instagram influencer can help to start an authentic conversation about your brand or business within your target audience.  An Influencer can share their honest opinions and their own images about your products or services, which helps the consumer see your products in action and they will be more motivated to try your product/service for themselves if someone they already have a relationship with is speaking highly of it.

When would you invest in influencer outreach on Instagram?

It’s really up to you! You may have a key message you wish to share with your target audience or a new product or service which you are preparing to launch. Regardless of what your message is, utilising a social media influencer to help spread the word is a powerful and cost effective strategy for your business.

How do I find an influencer which is right for me?

While you can certainly contact a blogger or social media influencer you would like to work with directly, the best way to work with an influencer and get the most out of your investments is to contact a blogging agency who will match you with the influencer/s who they have already screened and who’s audience will be the most receptive to your message/product/business.


If you would like to learn more about how an influencer outreach campaign will help your business, contact The Collaboration Nation today.

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