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What Are Long Pins And How They Can Improve Traffic?

What is a long pin and how they can improve your pinterest traffic

We all know that Pinterest is about viewing and sharing amazing images, but many of us struggle to create eye-catching images that people will want to repin.  As a business owner it’s also important to our Pinterest images are also promoting our business in a positive way and help drive traffic back to our websites.

While there is no ‘perfect’ Pinterest image size, data has shown that long pins have a significantly higher amount of repins and bring more traffic back to the original website than those with a shorter pixel length.

What are long pins ?

A long pin is an image which is longer than 800 pixels in length, often including multiple images and information.

Tips for creating long pins

  • The ‘golden ratio’ when it comes to determining the length and width of a long pin for Pinterest is that for every 100 pixels wide your image is, it should also be 367 pixels long.
  • Use images which fit this ratio, you don’t want to have to distort or crop parts of your image to make it fit into your long pin.
  • Include any important information and titles in the first third of a long pin, as this helps people to quickly identify if the image is something they are interested in.

How can long pins help improve traffic?

You can help your pins (and your business) stand out by sharing two or three long tail pins in a row, as they will take up enough space on a Pinterest users screen to capture their attention.  It’s important not to over do it by sharing more than this amount and also remember the 80:20 Pinterest rule – 80% of your content should be from others and 20% of it is your own, so that you appeal to potential customers and don’t come across as being spammy or too self promotional.

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