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Are you in retail? This is why you need to have your Facebook Shop setup!










If you are in retail and on Facebook then you need to setup your Facebook shop. I have many business owners coming to me wanting to know how they can boost their sales and setting up your Facebook shop is one simple way to do that! 

Some Advantages of setting up your Facebook shop include:


REACH, when you post about your products and tag them your post will get better organic REACH. Now as a social media marketer I can tell you that you should do anything possible to increase your organic reach and engage with the customers you already have. There is little point in “paying” to find new customers when you are not engaging ones you have! And Facebook knows this, I cannot tell you the number of times I have had someone ask me if advertising on Facebook will decrease your reach. In simple terms yes it i can, for a period of time.

But if you have an engaged audience then you can rest assured that spending money on Facebook ads will benefit your business. I have been working with a client on training them to increase their reach for the last month, it has been steadily increasing!! WINNING!

But the takeaway from this is that when we launched their first add this weekend they sold out of the product. $23 in add spend and 20 x $40 products sold!

Let’s do the math:

20 x $40 sales = $800

Wholesale cost = $400

Minus Ads $23.00

= $377 in profit in two days off a add that took 30 mins to create!

Not a bad day’s work, and note that this does not take into account add on sales. This is simply the profit from the product advertised!

So tell me…. Can you afford not to setup your Facebook shop?

The Disadvantages?


Well at this point I don’t see any! It is free to setup, and takes around 1 min to add a product.

You get better reach on your product posts for free, and better reach equals better paid campaign results!!

So what are you waiting for?


If you are even a little social media savvy then you will know that sharing posts with great reach can help your page’s reach…

If you tag a related product in that post then PRESTO! Your product and link to your site can REACH thousands of people!

Take this for example, what would have been a simple shared post turned into and advertisement for a product and reached 35K in people for FREE!

It would cost $1800 to reach this many people via a boosted post! 

If you have any questions on how to setup your Facebook shop contact me here.

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