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Live Streaming Apps Compared

Live Streaming Apps Compared

2015 is certainly the year for live video streaming apps, with Meerkat, Periscope and Facebook Live all making their debut.  In today’s post we are comparing live video streaming apps to help you make the decision which one is right for you and your business.


  • Ability to schedule live streaming posts in advance which then gives you access to a permalink which can be shared on other social media platforms to help drive traffic to your live streaming post.
  • As Meerkat is a startup, they have been more willing to roll out new functions for their community to try and give feedback to.
  • Broadcasts disappear once finished.


  • As it’s linked with your Twitter account, Periscope can automatically post a tweet that your broadcast is live.
  • It uses the entrée screen for your video to improve not only the experience of the broadcaster but also the user.
  • Periscope has a larger established community thanks to it’s relationship with Twitter.

Facebook Live

  • Facebook live streams are saved permanently as a video.
  • Live streams are shown in the news feeds of people who follow the page of the broadcaster which helps to increase views and engagement.
  • Currently only celebrities with verified Facebook pages have access to live streaming, however Facebook has said it will be rolled out to a wider group of profiles in the future.

Our verdict?

If you want access to an established community so you can begin live streaming right away then Periscope is for you.  Periscope allows you to immediately connect with your Twitter followers who are also on Periscope as well as letting others know that you are on there.  Periscope is also easy to use and provides a great user experience for both the broadcaster and viewer alike.

Have you used any of these live streaming apps? Which one is your favourite.

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