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How To Set Up Your Instagram Profile

how to set up your instagram profile

If you haven’t yet signed up to Instagram – what are you waiting for?  With over 75 million daily users, it only makes sense for your business or brand to have a presence on this popular and growing platform. Signing up for an account is easy, and today we are going to take you through how to set up your Instagram profile.

Download the Instagram app

Visit the App Store specific for your phone, search for ‘Instagram App’ and download it – it’s free!

Create an Instagram account

When you open the Instagram app, you’ll be asked to sign up and create a new account or register using Facebook.  When creating an Instagram account for your business, it’s best to sign up and create a username using your businesses email address rather than linking to a personal Facebook account.  Keep your Instagram username the same (or as close as it can be) as the names used across other social media platforms.

Set up your Instagram profile

There are three important parts of your Instagram profile.

1. Profile Picture

When selecting a profile picture for your Instagram account, it’s important to select an image which is easily recognisable as the profile picture is quite small.  Many businesses choose to use their logo (or a shortened version) or an acronym of their business name for their Instagram profile picture.

2. Short description

You will also need to write a short description for your Instagram profile. It’s a good idea to keep it short and simple by including either your businesses slogan or tagline and a short outline of who you are/what you do.

3. Links

In your profile you can also include a direct link back your website – this the only live link you will have on Instagram and it can be updated as much as you like.  To keep track of the referrals back to your site you are receiving from Instagram, use a link.

An effective way of utilising this link is to update it to specific areas of your website which tie in with the images you share, you can then let people know in the image description/caption that they can find a direct link in your profile.

How long has your business been using Instagram? Do you need to update your Instagram Profile?

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