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How to Nurture a Facebook Group

How to Nuture a Facebook Group CS

We all know a Facebook page is vital for your business to allow you to share key messages and advertise, however also having a Facebook group for your business or brand is another great way to reach your customers.  A Facebook group can help you to communicate with your existing community in a more personalised setting which will help build loyalty in your existing customers as well as attract new ones.

So now that you’ve decided to set up a group for your business, let’s take a look at how to nurture a Facebook group.

Let your group grow organically

Even though you can add people to your group automatically, often people don’t appreciate being included in a group without being asked.  You will also get much better engagement from your group members by allowing people to join themselves.

Encourage your members to share

Let’s face it, most people like to share their achievements/new purchases with others and by encouraging this within your Facebook group, you will increase engagement and strengthen relationships.

Let your community speak

The most engaging Facebook groups are those where the admin don’t over ‘police’ the posts and comments. Sure you certainly need to keep an eye on any spammers which may join the group and put a stop to any comments or posts which are not appropriate, but try to let the group lead the discussions as much as possible.

Share special offers

Everyone likes to think they are receiving something others are not, and offering a special offer/discount code to the members of your Facebook group is not only a great way to thank them for supporting your business, but it will also help build better relationships with them and increase the likelihood of them becoming returning customers.

Have multiple admins

By having more than one admin you can spread out the task of keeping an eye on what is posted, respond to questions in a timely manner, generate conversations and most importantly, build stronger relationships with your customers.

Do you have a Facebook group for your business?
What are your tips to help build and nurture your group?

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