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How to Live Tweet an Event

How to Live Tweet An Event

For a business, live tweeting an event is a great way to increase your industry influence and build your audience. To help you live tweet like a pro at your next conference or event, we’ve put together our list of tips on how to live tweet an event.

Know your hashtags and profiles

Before the event starts, you want to make sure you have the right hashtags for the event and you are already following the speakers.

Tweet your own content as well as others

While people following your live tweet will certainly want to know what is being said and what is happening, make sure you ask include your own thoughts and opinions to help build your reputation as an influencer.

Keep an eye on what others are saying

It’s important to monitor the event hashtag so you can see what others are saying, retweet things which are of interest to you as well as reply to any tweets or messages.
Stick to the point

Keep your tweets simple and concise and try not to spilt a topic into two tweets if possible.

Connect with others

Live tweeting quotes or snippets from the speeches and discussions of influencers in your industry is a great way to connect with others.  Make sure the people you quote know you are sharing the love by tagging them in your tweets, you may not only start a conversations with them after the event but you will also make them aware of your business or brand.

Modify your Twitter profile

Spend a little time rewriting your Twitter profile and mention your attending the event and how your business is relevant to it.

Have you ever live tweeted at an event?
What are your tips?

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