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How to Create an Image Your Audience Will Connect With

How to Create Images Your Audience will Connect with

Images are a powerful way for brands and businesses to connect with their audience on social media, so it’s important that your images display a key message and stand out for all the right reasons. To help you create images your audience will fall in love with, today we are looking at the essential elements of how to create an image your audience will connect with.


Presenting information using infographics is the perfect way to help your audience easily understand the information you are giving them in a way which is visually appealing.  They are also more likely to take in the information they receive in an image versus a long block of text.

Use screen shots of your business

The use of screenshots from your business is a great way to help give an insider view into your brand and help your audience feel as though they are seeing something special.  You can use screenshots of anything from the backend of your website to a preview of a new design you are working on.

Talk to your audience with quote images

By selecting the right tone, style and quote you can create an image which will make your audience stop and reflect on what you are saying.  It’s important to also add your brand details as quotes are easily shared across social media and can be a great way to engage with a new audience.

Try new things!

Don’t just stick with the colours and style you have always used, using new and different colours and fonts is a great way to provide some emotion and feeling into what your image is saying.

Do you create your own images?
What are your tips?

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