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About Clearly Social Media Specialists

Clearly Social is a social media agency powered by passionate, professional social media specialists. Since its conception in 2010 (under its original business name), Clearly Social found that building a brand on authenticity and remarkability was at the core of social media marketing for business. So we built our own brand that way too. The results have been astounding. We proudly inspire and engage with over a million Australian women every week. We proudly develop memorable brand personalities and drive them to new heights. We’ve proudly grown our own business the way we’ll grow yours – with passion and expertise.

We don’t sell social media services, we prove their worth

Anyone can sell you social media packages but without strategic, specialist skills you’re buying a service, not investing in your business. With remarkability and authenticity at the core of every post and pin, we’re able to focus on outcomes, not meaningless no-ROI stats. No matter how cheap the social media package – you’re still paying for services, not investing in tangible ROI. Let us show you the real value of Social Media for business.

Clearly Social’s Exclusive Social Media Services

Clearly Social earned our place among Australia’s leading social media firms by focusing on authentic innovations in digital marketing. You’ll never receive a “bought” follower – we’ll qualify and earn every single follower using tactics we’ve devised from years of social media experimentation, testing, quantitate and qualitative data analysis. The result is a bevvy of unique tactics designed to elevate your brand to the next level.

How does this translate into better social presence?

We’ll help you see your business as a unique, living, thriving creature – with specific talents and challenges. We’ll use our specialist insights into social media audiences to develop your business’s unique talents. We’ll educate and entertain your audience, empowering them to make the right purchasing decisions. We bring together our vast experience and carefully crafted tactics to deliver a superior social experience for your audience. And that, above all else, is what gets real results.

Social Media Specialist, Kristy Edwards

Kristy Edwards

Social media specialist, Kristy Edwards developed Clearly Social to deliver remarkable content to authentic audiences. Kristy’s reputation as a solo social media consultant grew Clearly Social into one of Australia’s leading social media marketing agencies. Kristy now leads a team of specialist social communicators, focused on creating innovative brand strategies across all major social networks.

You Tube Specialist, Maryann Separovic


Maryann has been elbow deep in social media work since she tweeted her way into her first role. She has developed expertise in content development, digital strategy and online communities, and has worked for leading Australian and global brands: Cadbury, Cottee’s Cordial,  L’Oreal Paris, Libra, Lean Cuisine and Leggo’s.

Her content expertise will  deliver impressive results for your brand on YouTube.